About Us

Your service supplier for driving analytics

Our history

IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), has been working for several decades in close partnership with the main French and international vehicle manufacturers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector and to limit oil dependence. IFPEN specializes in particular in the optimization of IC engine performance, and vehicle electrification, concentrating its R&D on improving on-board technologies and control algorithms.

For, while a vehicle’s energy efficiency depends on the performance of its powertrain, its use in real conditions is just as important. With DRIVEQUANT, IFPEN has gone further and has innovated to meet increasing needs for analysis and improvement of efficiency and driving safety.

DRIVEQUANT develops web services and mobile applications based on high value algorithms produced from many years of R&D at IFPEN. DRIVEQUANT meet the short or medium term needs of the fleet management, insurance and new transport industries and benefits from the R&D support of IFPEN to anticipate future needs.

By combining the flexibility of an operational team and strong R&D support, IFPEN and DRIVEQUANT aim to provide the best driving analysis services.

Flexibility + R&D support = added value: a winning formula at your service!

Our mission

The DRIVEQUANT team has built a technology and a platform on a research base that has been developed over several years. We challenged ourselves to design services for market players where vehicle and driving data are key and plentiful. Our job is to give weight to your data, increase their value and help drivers to improve. Our aim: Putting our passion and expertise in connected vehicles at your service.

We have designed a solution which is capable of adapting itself to every data collection technology to meet needs in energy and safety analysis. We think that it is important to use scientific algorithms to provide fair, accurate and useful evaluation of driving. We also know that the quality of the data display and driver-interaction features are essential to improve driving efficiency and safety.

The aim of DRIVEQUANT is to speed up the transformation of innovation in operational and efficient services. We have thought up adaptable and scalable solutions to meet your short-, medium- and long-term needs. DRIVEQUANT is foremost an agile team which knows how to innovate rapidly to resolve your problems. We are backed by IFPEN in R&D to develop new services which meet your future needs.

Core strengths and values


We are specialists in transportation, automotive, automatic control, computer science, embedded software and mobile application development. Our approach makes us stand out as we develop services which harness all of our expertise in vehicle dynamics and both hybrid and electric IC powertrains. This is why our energy analysis and safety algorithms are patented.


We are an agile team of five people who take up challenges and who care about solving difficult problems. We enjoy understanding data, extracting useful information and sharing it with drivers. We are always happy to help and look forward to meeting you.


Our services have been designed to provide universal, impartial and pedagogical analysis. We know how to isolate the influence of driver behavior from environmental factors that they cannot influence. Our approach calculates a reference driving style in order to give advice to drivers wishing to improve their efficiency and safety.


Our platform is functional and robust. It has already analyzed several million kilometers of driving data collected with smartphones and telematic devices. It is scalable and gives you the opportunity to manage events and challenges for your driver community.