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Measure and reduce consumption

Our energy analysis and eco-driving services allow you to better understand and quantify possible fuel consumption savings and how to obtain them. Detailed analysis of each journey may be enhanced by an overall view containing statistics for your whole fleet. We allow you to follow the efficiency of your fleet and drivers’ progress.

Evaluate and reduce driving risks

Our tools help integrate prevention into day-to-day vehicle fleet management. Our services help to better understand the risks related to using a vehicle fleet and identify where progress can be made to reduce accident rates. Your clients can thus improve driver safety, while reducing costs related to accidents and vehicle downtime. These services take into account external factors such as weather conditions.

Motivate and help drivers to progress

We offer solutions to make drivers more responsible, encourage good practices and ensure that change is lasting. We use serious game techniques to involve drivers and motivate them to adopt a more economic and safer driving style. Our platform allows you to run challenges, give advice and warn drivers.

Features and strengths for fleet management solutions

We measure the energy spent but also the improvements that drivers could make by comparing their driving to a reference driving style.

Our services work with and without GPS data in order to take into account each company’s wishes regarding privacy.

Our services are compatible with all telematic solutions in order to facilitate the management of a fleet equipped with a variety of different devices.

We include drivers and involve them as central players in the management and improvement of the fleet.

We provide services and tools to ease the development of a flexible and effective telematics insurance solution
Attract and retain good drivers

We offer a range of services for creating a sustainable and trusting relationship with policyholders: driving evaluation services (eco-driving and safety) and driver feedback mechanisms (push notifications, good practice advice, serious games). Offer your clients additional services to help prevent risks!

Improve risk management

Our services help enhance driving data while providing reliable evaluation of driver behavior. Our goals: improve the analysis of driver behavior, simplify the understanding of driving data for risk calculation models, undertake prevention work and measure their impact.

White label mobile application and SDK

Our driver analysis app for smartphones allows you to collect data and interact with your policyholders to monitor risk levels and undertake prevention measures. The application can also be used by all drivers who wish to receive personalized insurance deals. We provide support for integrating specific functions (accident report, emergency calls, road-side support).

Features and strengths for insurance

An event organization and administration platform for driver groups

Our algorithms are independent from the data collection solution to ensure that driving scores are coherent

Contextualization of analysis to create fair and understandable indicators

Our algorithms are built seamlessly and our scoring engines are configurable by the insurer

Expertise in data visualization and user feedback mechanisms

A white label mobile application and SDK (iOS and Android) including automatic start and push notifications

You offer a mobility service?
Try our driving analytics to oversee and improve your service
Driving scores to build trust

With our objective driving analysis, our indicators allow you to monitor your service and to accompany the drivers by rewarding or by coaching them. You can also share driving scores with all the stakeholders in your ecosystem (drivers, passengers, vehicle owners) to build trust in your service.

Services for drivers

Our services have been designed to encourage and reward good practice.Integrate our solution into your mobile app to help drivers who wish to share the quality of their driving and reduce fuel consumption.


Service providers

Levers to monitor and to improve service quality. Build trust in best practices of the company and the drivers. Objective evaluation of driver behavior and measure of service quality.


Tools to optimize fuel costs and improve driveability. Allows drivers to measure and share driving quality with passengers and the company.


Evaluation of good practices gives passengers confidence. More comfortable journey. Choice criteria on eco-responsibility.