A suite of services to improve

fuel consumption and safety

Reliable analytics to understand and make decisions
Driver coaching services
Simple integration into your solution


Estimate vehicle consumption to save fuel

Reducing fuel consumption is a key issue, which is why we have developed a service to measure energy spending for passenger and utility vehicles in real driving conditions.

Our solution allows us to precisely estimate fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and is compatible with data collected from a smartphone or telematic device. It is designed for fleet managers and drivers who wish to understand and reduce the cost of fuel and their environmental footprint.

Trip data

Our services provide your dashboards with indicators for each journey: date, time, weather conditions, distance traveled, duration and average speed.

Fuel consumption

A physical approach based on analyzing velocity and the vehicle characteristics to measure the fuel consumed during the trip. Our algorithm provides fuel volume (in liters), consumption (in liters/100km) and mass as well as CO2 emissions.

Trip conditions

Detailed analysis on the impact of engine operating conditions, driver behavior and topography on fuel consumption: cold start, idling, engine over speed caused by a bad choice of gearbox ratio, consumption linked to road steepness.

Map display

A range of functions providing a clear mapping display of trip data: real-time measurement of fuel consumption, fuel use per road type and influence of traffic conditions.

Energy and CO2 mapping

A solution to enhance your maps and data displays by projecting consumption and CO2 emission data onto a map.

Trip comparison

Recognition of daily trips helps track variations of energy consumption to inform drivers and measure progress.

Statistics & history

In addition to daily trip analysis, we include statistical analysis and calendar displays for a vehicle or fleet of vehicles.


Quantify and increase efficiency

Measuring consumption is not enough, it is also essential to estimate possible savings, understand where improvements can be made and guide drivers who wish to improve.

We developed a service which quantifies driving energy efficiency and helps you to reduce fuel consumption without necessarily increasing your journey times.

Driving efficiency

Our innovation quantifies the efficiency of your driving. The efficiency score measures the difference between fuel consumed and the minimum amount of fuel that could be consumed for the journey. This score is used both for comparing the driver with a reference driving behavior to show him where he could improve but also for comparing drivers between them.

Driving advice

We measure the differences between actual driving and an optimal driving style. By comparison of these car velocity profiles, we build indicators and we provide advice to improve driver efficiency during the key phases: acceleration, braking and constant speed phase.


We evaluate driving style objectively as we take into account the journey conditions and constraints that the driver encountered. We are convinced that it is essential to evaluate drivers fairly to deliver useful advice and efficient coaching.


Evaluating and reducing risks

We have developed a simple and universal solution to measure driving safety. Our service identifies good drivers and aims to help become more vigilant. This solution is compatible with your mobile app or a telematic device fitted in the vehicle.

Driving events

We precisely detect events which indicate risky driving such as harsh braking or acceleration as well as cornering at high speed. Our algorithms are capable of measuring the criticality of each event.

Measuring the tire to road link

In addition to the standard criteria, we also measure driving safety based on vehicle dynamics. To do so we estimate the adherence between the tire and the road throughout the vehicle trip. Our algorithm is based on driveline modelling, the vehicle’s physical characteristics and the weather conditions.

Safety score

The safety score is calculated using acceleration, deceleration and tire to road adherence indicators. It takes the journey context into account. The safety score has two functions: it highlights the driver’s risk profile and may be used for prevention work and advice.

Map view

Our service can display safety events on your map system and deliver the locations of harsh braking or acceleration as well as the coordinates where a tire to road adherence threshold is crossed.

Trip conditions & context

All of our services take into account the road type and traffic conditions. To analyze safety we also include weather conditions, night driving as well as journey date and time.


Our service provides an indicator of safe driving. In addition, you can configure how the safety score is calculated. It is possible to calibrate the event detection thresholds as well as the weighting given to each type of event.


Talking to drivers to help them progress

Communicating with drivers, providing clear analysis and giving personalized advice are essential components to help drivers reduce energy consumption and improve safety.

Our solutions allow you to interact with your drivers through mobile applications or websites. Our platform provides the possibility of administrating and personalizing interactions with the driver depending on your objectives: advice, warnings, encouragement, surveys.

Engage and motivate

Our goal is to enhance the value of your mobile application and to favor everyday use. For this, we have developed personalized support and gamification services that can be proposed as additional functionalities for your customers.

Drive progress

Personalized driver monitoring helps understand one’s behavior and set oneself achievable goals while delivering the right advice to improve.


Gamification and group activities are effective tools to motivate drivers. Our platform integrates mechanisms for organizing challenges or challenge themselves to stimulate the driver’s progress while having fun.

Content management

Each market has its own specific needs, this is why you can configure and administrate the level of interaction, messages and type of encouragement for your clients.

Mobile app and SDK

Our mobile application and our SDK include essential features to collect driving data and interact with drivers: automatic start/stop, background operating, optimization of battery life and data consumption, dashboards and push notifications.