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SNCF Réseau organises its GREEN CUP to improve road safety

Fleet management

Find out how SNCF Réseau has deployed the LÉA by DriveQuant telematics solution within its fleet to promote road safety awareness and eco-driving.

Club Identicar’s mutual assistance app for motorists, Roole, embeds DriveQuant’s services


Discover how Club Identicar has upgraded Roole with driving analysis services with the DriveQuant SDK.

‘Conduire par MAIF’: a mobile app dedicated to learner drivers’ training and safety


Find out how French 5th largest car insurer is leveraging DriveQuant mobile-based telematics to improve learner-drivers driving behaviour with ‘Conduitre par MAIF’.

Air Products: using gamification to enhance road safety and eco-driving

Fleet management

Discover how Air Products uses DriveQuant’s connected gamification services to improve the driving behaviour of its sales teams via a mobile app.

MOTOCOACH: the app dedicated to two-wheelers’ road safety


Discover the 1st app dedicated to road risk prevention for bikers: MOTOCOACH, a true community tool to reduce accidents and engage policyholders.

Pay-per-minute auto insurance


Discover how Altima by MAIF has benefited from DriveQuant connected insurance solutions to launch a state-of-the-art car insurance offer.

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