Air Products: using gamification to enhance road safety and eco-driving

Partner: Air Products
Country: USA / France
Industry: Fleet management
Year: 2019

Air Products: using gamification for road safety and eco-driving



Air Products is an American group that supplies industrial and medical gas, and is the world's largest supplier of technology and equipment for liquefied natural gas.

The industrial group employs sales teams equipped with company vehicles that travel long distances to visit their customers. Air Products was looking for a way to support these employees during their daily business trips without "tracking" them. The objective was to encourage drivers to adopt a more virtuous driving style, i.e. one that is less risky and more economical, while rewarding positive changes in driving behaviour.




Air Products therefore turned to DriveQuant, the partner capable of providing the connected services it was looking for, thanks to its 100% smartphone-based telematics technology. DriveQuant was thus able to provide a mobile app to the sales teams to start an inventory of their driving.

Indeed, the mobile application developed by DriveQuant automatically detects any motorized journey without any manual action required from the driver. It then collects driving data using the smartphone to run an analysis in the form of scores taking into account the type of vehicle and road context: a safety score, calculated on the basis of the number of road events considered "at risk" (sudden acceleration and braking, limits of loss of adherence in corners); an eco-driving score (energy efficiency), to help drivers reduce their fuel consumption and reduce their CO2 emissions.


Air Products - Fleet


Then, teams were formed within the Air Products fleet so that they could compete in a fun way during eco-driving and driving safety challenges, based on these scores. After 3 qualification stages, the 3 best drivers were rewarded for their efforts with vouchers ranging from 50 to €150.

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Participation rate in challenges

More than 85% of drivers volunteered to participate in the challenges, and more than 90% downloaded the app. Nearly 20,000 km were travelled and 1,845 trips were recorded in one month.

Improved driving behaviour

A 60% reduction in strong accelerations, 50% in braking and adherence losses from the first week of installation, with record safety and eco-driving scores at the end of the second week of the challenge. Efforts were maintained by all drivers until the end of the challenge (including those eliminated).

Savings made by Air Products

10% fuel savings measured from the first week (about €13,500 in savings over a year for 40 vehicles).

Christophe Buisine

Managing Director France

Air Products

Air Products' priority is the safety of its employees and subcontractors around the world. We also attach great importance to Sustainable Development. The DriveQuant app allowed us to combine both to give our sales representatives advice on how to drive safer and more environmentally friendly. The result is less risk of accidents and fewer emissions of CO2 and fuel consumed. Our employees got caught up in the game and exceeded our expectations in terms of results: a real success!

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