MOTOCOACH: the mobile app dedicated to two-wheelers’ road safety signed by APRIL Moto & DriveQuant

Partner: APRIL Moto (Allianz)
Country: France
Industry: Insurance
Year: 2017

MOTOCOACH : l'application dédiée à la prévention routière pour les motards signée APRIL Moto & DriveQuant



As a subsidiary of the insurer APRIL (Allianz group), APRIL Moto designs and manages insurance policies specially developed for two-wheelers in more than 30 countries.

Always looking for the best tools for road prevention and two-wheeler safety, APRIL Moto wanted to better understand the road behaviour of its policyholders and bikers in general. The insurer's initial objective was to create a tool to measure and improve road behaviour in order to reduce the risk of bikers’ accidents.




APRIL Moto therefore naturally turned to DriveQuant, the partner capable of providing the connected services it was looking for, thanks to its 100% smartphone telematics technology. DriveQuant has thus been able to develop a mobile white label application called MOTOCOACH, a real personal assistant for bikers.

Once installed, the MOTOCOACH app automatically detects the trips made by the biker. A Beacon (Bluetooth transmitter) was also provided to policyholders so that it could be placed under their saddles, and only the journeys actually made on their bikes would be detected. Today the application is also open to two-wheelers who are not covered by APRIL Moto.




After each journey, MOTOCOACH provides the user with the details of the trip made on a map: heavy braking and acceleration, areas where adherence limit thresholds were crossed. A safety score and an energy efficiency score (eco-driving) are then assigned on the basis of these indicators and contextual elements such as vehicle type, road context (urban, extra-urban, expressway), or weather conditions (day, night for example).

In addition to providing free connected services to drivers, the application contains a module for creating driving challenges based on these scores, in order to engage users of the app and to reward good driving behaviour with gifts. As a true community tool dedicated to two-wheel safety and prevention, MOTOCOACH also offers an emergency button to contact Mondial Assistance following a mechanical damage or a minor accident. Thanks to the Beacon, DriveQuant’s technology is now able to accurately detect more serious accidents, and a crash alert service is being developed.


Finally, it is important to mention that all the data collected through this programme are anonymised and aggregated to better understand and anticipate potentially risky areas and infrastructures. The MOTOCOACH program thus benefits the entire community.


Creation of a connected insurance product dedicated to young drivers

Based on all the user feedback collected, DriveQuant was able to establish a product development roadmap alongside APRIL & Allianz. A connected insurance product for young drivers was thus created. This programme will enable policyholders whose driving is safe during the first two years following their licence to benefit from APRIL Moto's participation in financing the licence for more powerful models.

MOTOCOACH application awarded

The application won the 2017 Innovation Trophy awarded by Profidéo for its innovative character.

A world premiere

APRIL Moto is the first insurer in the world to develop a driving coaching app dedicated exclusively to two-wheelers.

Philippe Chaussonnière



The driving analysis services developed by DriveQuant via the MOTOCOACH application have enabled us to create a tool for monitoring the contextualized behaviour of several bikers’ profiles, in relation to the environment in which they ride. Our objective is to help them on a daily basis with a prevention objective, and then a risk assessment.

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