SNCF Réseau organises the GREEN CUP in its fleet to promote road safety awareness and eco-driving

Partner: SNCF Réseau
Country: France
industry: Fleet management
Year: 2020


SNCF Réseau is a company whose mission is to manage railway infrastructures in France. It guarantees maintenance and allocates network capacity to the many rail players. Its activity serves the general interest and meets the challenges of the energy transition. To meet the growing need for mobility and to accompany the opening up of the domestic passenger market, the company aims to develop the rail offer on the 30,000 km of line for which it is responsible for maintenance, modernization, and safety.




Road risk has naturally become a major concern for SNCF Réseau to protect its employees who travel around the country to develop these infrastructures. But existing prevention measures such as classroom training are often inappropriate for the activity of agents. SNCF Réseau's objective was to offer an innovative road prevention solution to reduce the number of accidents, identify the most exposed agents to better support them, and share best practices with those who need them most through gamification and mutual aid. At the same time, the company also wanted to convey the main principles of eco-driving to reduce the environmental impact of its fleet's mobility.





Arnaud Moriceau, National Risk Prevention Officer, naturally turned to a collaboration with DriveQuant, which had the appropriate technology and services. The GREEN CUP was born: a competition open to the various entities of the SNCF Réseau's General Directorate of Industry and Engineering (DGII) on a voluntary basis. DriveQuant made its LÉA road safety tool available, consisting of a mobile telematics application that can be installed on the smartphone of participating employees, coupled with an online platform for driver administration.


Plateforme Léa - Administration des conducteurs

 Driver Administration Web Platform – © LÉA


The mobile telematics application has emerged as the ideal solution for comprehensively measuring driving safety behavior on the road, estimating the impact of this behavior on fuel consumption and vehicle pollutant emissions, but also for engaging employees in a fun way. All this while moving away from the negative image sometimes associated with traditional telematics solutions using a dongle. A positive response from drivers was immediately apparent within the fleet.

On the fleet management side, the web platform for monitoring the system has made it possible to invite employees to participate in the various driving challenges, to segment them according to their rankings and their division within the DGII, and to communicate directly with them via a messaging system (notifications). In this way, the different territorial entities represented were able to compete in three driving challenges on the themes of road safety and eco-driving, with more than 200 participants.


How it works


Once installed on the smartphones of volunteer employees, the mobile application automatically detects motorised trips in order to analyse them. A small Bluetooth transmitter (Beacon) is placed in the glove compartment of the vehicle, allowing the app to automatically pair up with it and be ready to detect and analyze a route.

After each trip, two scores are returned to the driver to show his driving behaviour. An eco-driving score, which, depending on driving style and the vehicle used, reflects the potential for improvement to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions (CO2, CO, NOX). The second is a safety score, calculated on the basis of detected risk events such as sudden acceleration and braking, and the crossing of adherence thresholds, but also taking into account the road context (traffic density, weather, day/night, etc.). It is the average of these scores that rank the drivers in the different challenges.


Safety score - Smartphone telematics

Safety score - © LÉA


In addition to the gamification mechanisms described above, there are rewards and incentives for the highest ranked drivers in the GREEN CUP. They take the form of vouchers distributed to participating employees.

Arnaud Moriceau

National Risk Prevention Officer

SNCF Réseau

We chose DriveQuant for its simple and universal solution to measure driving safety, taking into account the type of vehicle and the conditions of the trip. We identify both good and less safe drivers in order to explain road risk in a very encouraging and pedagogical way. It is a new way of doing prevention through data. This initiative may revolutionise the way the SNCF considers road risk.

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