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Our products

Mobile app

Mobile app

We develop a white label mobile application for you. We support you in the launch of your connected telematics offer, available within a few weeks.

Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK

Our services can be easily integrated into your application using DriveKit. This SDK allows you to turn any mobile app into a telematics solution to analyse and improve driving.

Picto Dashboard | DriveQuant

Dashboard & services

Manage your community on your own with our dashboard and offer innovative mobility services to your drivers.

Product | DriveQuant

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DriveQuant, for who?

We help insurers, fleet managers and mobility operators to measure road risk, to prevent it and to change the relationship with their customers by providing connected, personalised offers to drivers focused on their needs.


Why DriveQuant ?

DriveQuant transforms smartphone sensor data into indicators that enable the quick and easy design of value-added services for drivers: parametric insurance, claims management and driver assistance in the event of an accident, coaching, road safety and fuel economy through eco-driving.

Our patented smartphone-based driving data collection and processing technology benefits from many years of research projects. Since 2017, when DriveQuant was created, our technology has been used by our customers on all continents for a variety of applications in several sectors: usage-based and behaviour-based insurance, fleet management, mobility operators, claims management and assistance.