A platform that turns driving data into actionable insights

We transform raw smartphone data into road risk indicators to make drivers safer on the road and reduce the environmental impact of mobility.

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How does it work?









Monitor and coach


Be there in the moment of truth



Integrate our driving behaviour analysis into your product quickly and easily. You have two solutions. If you don't have an app, you can use the DriveQuant app, our white-label application that can be personalised to your brand. If you already have a mobile app, you can integrate the DriveKit SDK to connect your drivers.



The DriveKit SDK collects driving data using smartphone sensors. Our platform analyses the data and turns it into reliable driving behaviour indicators for insurers. We also develop a set of rich, documented APIs to help insurance companies integrate our driving indicators into their information systems.



Our platforms provides insurers with reliable driving data to support their connected insurance programs including Pay-How-You-Drive and Pay-As-You-Drive. Based on our driving scores and driving indicators, insurers can understand the driving style of their customers and accurately assess their road risk.

Engagement mechanism


Driving challenges are a powerful engagement tool to strengthen customer loyalty. Our web dashboard allows insurers to launch and manage their own driving challenges, send in-app notifications and create specific groups of drivers based on their driving style.

Monitor and coach

Monitor and coach

Monitor the progress of your drivers overtime. Offer driving guidance to risky drivers with personalized in-app coaching. Promote eco-friendly driving to make all your customers safer on the road. 

Build loyalty

Be there in the moment of truth

Protect your drivers on the road with our crash detection service. In the event of a collision, an  alert notification is sent to the insurer's support centre. Send emergency services in case of severe crash or roadside assistance. Be there at the moment of truth and deliver a high quality digital claims experience while speeding up claims management. 

Features and benefits of our telematics platform

Easy deployment

Easy integration

Benefit from our driving behaviour insights by integrating our DriveKit SDK into your mobile app or by personalising our white label application. Our technical documentation is public so your dev team can easily integrate our services.

Easy access to data

Reliable driving data

Access accurate and reliable driving data using documented APIs. Our driving indicators can be used for connected car insurance programs, underwriting, pricing and risk segmentation.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment

Launch a profitable Pay-How-You-Drive or Pay-As-You-Drive program based on smartphone data. Monitor your drivers' road risk with our safety score, distraction score and eco-driving score.


Road safety

Engage your drivers with innovative road safety initiatives including driving challenges. Make them safer on the roads by actively reducing distracted driving.

Useful for drivers

Life saving feature

With crash detection, be there when your customers need you and preemptively send emergency services in the event of a severe crash.


Privacy first

We respect your data and those of your drivers. The solution is configured to set up the type and duration of data retention.

You already have a mobile application?

Don't have a mobile application?

You want to analyse your own data?

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Install the DriveKit SDK in your app in just one day.

Our DriveKit SDK turns your existing mobile application into a mobile telematics solution for collecting the driving data of your customers. The DriveKit SDK includes our driving behaviour analysis and all of our connected services to engage your customers, including driving challenges, coaching and crash detection.

Configure and customize our white label application in two weeks.

The DriveQuant App is our white-label application. It is is fully customizable to fit your branding. It's an affordable solution that allows you to quickly launch a road safety initiative or a connected car insurance program. 

Connect your data to our driving behaviour analysis APIs.

Our data analysis services are universal and fit a variety of data sources. We can analyse your data whether it is recorded from smartphone sensors, telematics devices or connected vehicles. We calculate driving indicators based on physical laws and using the variables that are essential to the understanding of a vehicle's motion.

Algorithms to unlock value from data

We use algorithms and machine learning to turn the signals collected by smartphones sensors into meaningful driving insights. Our services process the raw data to produce hundreds of indicators that capture all aspects of driving behaviour such as safe driving, distracted driving, speed limit compliance and fuel efficiency.

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Discover how Altima relies on our platform to provide usage-based insurance

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Data quality

The smartphone is equipped with powerful and efficient sensors. We use this source of data to understand the movements of the vehicles and driving behaviours.


To build reliable, simple and unbiased driving scores and driving indicators that can be used for connected insurance programs, we finely analyse the quality of the measured signals and the health of the sensors installed on the smartphones.


All data is diagnosed, standardised and corrected if necessary, before being processed by our driving score algorithms.


We have been analysing smartphone data since 2015 and our technology has been deployed on several thousand different devices in over 20 countries.

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A privacy-friendly use of data

Our smartphone telematics solution seamlessly collects data from the driver's smartphone. The user is informed by a notification when a trip is being recorded. He can manage the automatic mode and define the time slots when the service should be activated.


Our platform was designed to let you configure the type of data collected, the retention period and the access rights of the users.


Your data and those of your customers are essential and sensitive. Our role is limited to transforming it into value-added services for drivers and actionable driving indicators for insurers.