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White label mobile app for analyzing driving behavior

Analyze the driving habits of your drivers and make them safer on the road with our white label application. 

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Fully customizable white label application

Launch a connected insurance program with our white label application. The DriveQuant App can be fully customised to the insurers' brand identity (name, logo, colours).


The DriveQuant App is the perfect tool for launching a first connected insurance program and analysing driving data.

Illustration of the fully customizable application DriveQuant.

An affordable and quickly deployable solution

The DriveQuant App is ready to use. Depending on insurers' requirements, it's possible to configure and launch a customised application within a few weeks.

The app is available on iOS and Android for all your drivers. It incorporates all our driving analysis services: driving scores, eco-driving tips, coaching, and challenges.

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Advantages of the DriveQuant App 

Rich features

Stay within your budget

The DriveQuant App minimizes insurers initial investment, allowing them to focus on analysing the driving data. It's the optimal choice for quickly launching a connected insurance program or a road safety program.


Brand customisation of your app

Select the features you want to integrate from our range of connected services. The app is tailored to your brand identity (app name, design, logo, content, and language). We provide support to ensure the application aligns with your expectations.

Quick to deploy

Become a telematics expert

Our technical documentation is public, and all our data collection APIs are well-documented. Should insurers require assistance, our support service is there to help ensure the profitability of your connected program.

Cost Effective

Access data effortlessly

The DriveQuant App automatically collects driving data from drivers and turns it into reliable driving indicators. Our web dashboard enables insurers to easily monitor and visualize the driving behavior of each of their customers.

Easy access to data

Engage your drivers

Our application incorporates innovative features to engage and retain drivers, such as driving challenges, coaching, and badges. Launch driving challenges autonomously using our dashboard.

Bluetooth connectivity

Combine an IoT with the app

The DriveQuant App can be paired with a beacon if you have specific requirements, such as precise vehicle identification for usage-based insurance programs.

Combine the mobile app with a beacon

The DriveQuant App can be combined with beacons to accelerate the identification of the vehicle used during a journey. The beacon also enables tracking the vehicle's mileage for a usage-based insurance program.

The beacon should be placed in the glove compartment and is automatically detected by the application.

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Discover how MAIF uses our application for a Pay-As-You-Drive program

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Our technology

Our solution uses the smartphone's sensors to analyse vehicle motion and to assess driving behavior. The DriveQuant mobile app embeds all of our data collection SDKs and rely on analysis services developed through years of scientific research. DriveQuant's algorithms transform complex and rich raw data into clear and actionable driving insights.

Beyond measuring driver behavior, our suite of connected services is crafted to enhance road safety by encouraging eco-driving practices and offering in-app coaching.

Make an informed decison

What are the features of the white label application?

With our white label application, you benefit from all of our driver behavior analysis services including scoring, driving challenges, automatic crash detection, coaching, eco-driving, fuel estimation, CO2 emissions, mileage tracking.

Can I choose to include only certain services?

Yes. You have the choice to include in your application only the services you need or want to offer to your customers/users.

How does the mobile application contribute to improve road safety?

Our app measures the driving behavior of your customers/users. For each trip made, we calculate a safety score, a distraction score and an eco-driving score. The app also provides personalized driving tips based on driving style.

Do I have to manually start the analysis of a trip?

No. Once the app is set up by the user and battery optimizations are disabled, trip detection is automatic. Your drivers do not have to take any action to benefit from our services which work in the background on their phone.

How can I access the driving data of my customers/users?

We offer a dedicated dashboard where you can access all the driving data of your users, including their driving scores, rankings, and optionally, detailed trip information. For a more detailed overview of the dashboard's functionalities, we recommend visiting the dedicated page.
Alternatively, you have the option to retrieve the data directly on your backend through API or set up an automated push system to receive the data seamlessly.

Which driving data is accessible to my customers/users within the app?

The application limits the services visible to end users based on the services you subscribed to. Users can view enabled scores as set up within the app. Additionally, to increase user engagement, we provide a weekly, monthly, and annual comprehensive summary of their driving performance. Detailed information about each trip, including fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, mileage tracking, and their position within the community ranking, is also accessible.

Is the mobile application compatible with all types of vehicles?

Yes, the mobile application is compatible with all vehicles since it is the driver via his smartphone who is the carrier of our solution. When the user configures the application for the first time, he is invited to select the type of vehicle he drives (brand, model, year) in order to obtain measurements closer to his real vehicle.

What are the customization options offered?

Our white label application is fully customizable and configurable. You have control over the logos, icons, colors and of course the name of the app. It is also possible to reorganize the menus, or add a shortcut to a web page in your environment.

How do I distribute the app to my customers?

Once the application is configured and personalized according to your guidelines, you can distribute the application on the AppStore for iPhone owners and on the PlayStore for Android phone owners.

Is the app compatible with all phones?

Yes. Our white label app is compatible with over 95% of Android phones and 100% of Iphones. The compatibility of our services has already been tested on more than 700 different phone models.

How is driving data collected?

Our driving behavior analysis service relies on phone sensors (GPS, accelerometer, inertial measurement unit and gyroscope) to measure more than 200 indicators including hard accelerations, harsh brakings, limits of adherence and even detect road crashes.