Ultimate connected car insurance offer all-in-one

Connect your policyholders with SCOR/DriveQuant

SCOR & DriveQuant have partnered to offer you the best of connected car insurance. Launch your Pay-As-You-Drive or Pay-How-You-Drive program with our turnkey solution!

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What you get

Best-in-class smartphone telematics technology

Best-in-class telematics platform

Your driving data are processed by DriveQuant's telematics platform to reveal the driving behavior of your policyholders, and match rates to risk.

SCOR-backed reinsurance capacity

SCOR-backed reinsurance capacity

As one of the world's largest reinsurers, SCOR brings your connected insurance program to life.

Mobility expertise

Mobility expertise

SCOR & DriveQuant have a long history in the mobility industry. Benefit from our expertise in terms of mobility insurance products, be it Pay-As-You-Drive or Pay-How-You-Drive programs.


Discover our guide "Why should I launch a connected insurance program?"

how to fight distracted driving

Reduce distracted driving

Promote eco-driving to your customers to make them safer drivers

Promote eco-driving gestures

Connected insurance is the connected product young drivers have been waiting for because it meets their mobility expectations

Reach GenZ

Illustration of the indicators of the customizable offer and coaching DriveQuant

Clear distraction indicators

Reducing distracted driving is a critical issue for insurance companies as it causes many road accidents. To learn more on what distracted driving insights you can get from telematics data, read our white paper.

Make your customers safer on the roads

Data-driven research shows that the drivers that adopt eco-driving gestures are also the safest drivers on the road.

Launch connected programs for young drivers

Gen Z (ages 16 – 25) drivers are the most digitally savvy generation. They are looking for digital insurance programs that fit their mobility habits.