Connected insurance made profitable

Smartphone telematics is a reliable and cost-effective technology to support your connected insurance products (Pay-As-You-Drive/Pay-How-You-Drive) and your road safety programs.


Measure road risk

Road safety program

Protect drivers

Road safety program

Launch prevention programs


Engage your community

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Reliable and efficient technology

  • 100% smartphone
  • Out-of-the-box app or SDK
  • Up to date documentation (API, SDK)
  • Support by experts

Based on our driving analysis platform, insurers get an accurate understanding of their customers' driving behavior. Our driving insights are objective because they are based on data collected by smartphone sensors, the laws of physics and machine learning.

To deploy our solution, insurers can integrate the DriveKit SDK directly into their application or customise our white-label application.

Unlike traditional telematics devices such as boxes, smartphone telematics is a software-based solution. It's easy to launch at a large scale and doesn't require complex logistics. 

Speed up claims management

  • Crash detection
  • Personalised assistance
  • First-Notification-Of-Loss (FNOL)
  • Fraud detection

Be notified within seconds when a policyholder is involved in a road accident, thanks to our accident detection service.

Your operators will be notified less than 20 seconds after the collision. They'll be able to make the best decision: send emergency services or roadside assistance, depending on the severity of the impact.

Engage policyholders with innovative features

  • Road safety programs
  • Driving challenges
  • Coaching
  • Eco-driving

In addition to our driving scores, insurers can launch road safety programs based on our connected services.

Insurance companies can launch driving challenges to train their drivers and promote a safer driving style. The drivers will also receive in-app driving tips based on their own driving style to help them identify what can be improved.

Reliable and clear driving scores

  • Usage-based insurance (Pay-As-You-Drive)
  • Behavioural insurance (Pay-How-You-Drive)
  • Distracted driving detection
  • Eco-driving and fuel economy

Our driving analysis platform analyses data collected by mobile phone sensors (GPS, inertial unit, accelerometer) and transforms it into driving insights that are representative of road risk.

Our solution provides three driving scores for each trip made: a safety score, a distraction score and an eco-driving score. You are free to use the score or scores that interest you.


To engage users, the driving scores are available in the application within seconds of the end of a trip for users, and in the web Dashboard within seconds of the end of a trip for insurers.

How do insurers use our platform to implement Pay-How-You-Drive programs?

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Measure phone distraction in your community

Reducing distracted driving is a top priority for insurers as it causes many accidents. With our driving insights platform, insurer can quickly identify the most distracted drivers and enrol them in prevention programs.

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DriveQuant is SCOR's strategic partner for connected insurance

DriveQuant & SCOR provide insurers with a turnkey solution for launching their Pay-How-You-Drive/Pay-As-You-Drive product. Insurers benefit from:


  • SCOR's reinsurance capacities,

  • DriveQuant's leading smartphone telematics technology.

over 10

usage-based and behavior-based insurance programs

2 months

on average to deploy a product on the market

- 30%

of distracted driving after the implementation of the solution


less hard brakings after two months

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