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DriveQuant works with you to build simple and human connected insurance solutions.




Scoring and analysis of driving behavior

Claims management

Accurate data for claims management


Value-added services for policyholders

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Reliable and efficient technology to launch new products faster

  • 100% smartphone
  • Out-of-the-box app or SDK
  • Rich documentations (API, SDK)
  • Support by experts

Our smartphone-based technology simplifies the deployment of connected insurance. We have removed all the compatibility, deployment and maintenance issues that can compromise the profitability of this type of offer.


Our technology is configured and installed via a white label mobile application or via an SDK (DriveKit) to be integrated into your app. 

Depending on the use case, we can combine simple and affordable connected devices (iBeacon) to simplify vehicle identification.


On average, we observe a time to market of about two months for a new connected insurance offer.

Rich and multi-purpose scores for all types of offers

  • Usage and behavioral insurance
  • Fair and objective scoring
  • Distracted driving measurement
  • Eco-driving and fuel economy

Smartphones are equipped with powerful and accurate sensors (GPS, inertial measurement unit). We use the measures from these sensors to transform them into driving style indicators.


We combine signal processing, physical laws and data science to produce reliable scores to assess the road risk and to help you to build the underwriting.


Driving scores are used to implement prevention initiatives and environmental responsibility programs.

Simplify and streamline claims management with smartphone data

  • Accident detection
  • Automated assistance
  • Claim file opening (FNOL)
  • Accident reconstruction

Our 100% smartphone solution, that can be combined with a connected device, provides valuable insights that save time, money and limit the risk of fraud by improving your claims handling performance: automatic collision detection, emergency call and roadside assistance, FNOL, accident reconstruction.


We issue pre-filled reports to better understand the accident with contextual data: acceleration, duration, severity, impacts, direction, speed, time, weather conditions.

Build loyalty by offering more services to your policyholders

  • Prevention and personalized tips
  • Rewards and gamification
  • Real-time assistance
  • Vehicle monitoring and maintenance

Add valuable driver services to your connected car insurance program. Keep your policyholders proactive, loyal and engaged.


By analyzing their driving data, they can get premium discounts and fairer pricing. More engaged drivers also mean safer drivers, which benefits both the insurer and the insured. Other benefits such as rewards, discounts through partner networks (maintenance, repair...).

over 10

usage-based and behavior-based insurance programs

2 months

on average to deploy a product on the market

- 30%

of distracted driving after the implementation of the solution


less hard brakings after two months

SCOR & DRIVEQUANT offer you the best of connected insurance

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  • SCOR insurance capacity


  • DriveQuant leading smartphone telematics