Dashboard & services

Manage road risk with our dashboard and offer innovative services

A dashboard to support and engage your community of drivers. Services to offer them top-notch mobility products.

Illustration of a dashboard | DriveQuant

An intuitive tool to visualize your data

Launch a connected program based on our smartphone telematics technology to access our dashboard. It is a simple and intuitive tool to visualise your drivers' data, assess the driving risk and do prevention through personalized coaching.

Illustration of a dashboard DriveQuant.
Manage your custom dashboard

Manage your custom dashboard


Engage your drivers

Make your customers safer

Coach your customers

Eco-driving to improve their road safety

Make them eco-drive

Anticipate their needs

Anticipate their needs

Detect their road accident

Detect their road accident

Illustration of the dashboard solution by DriveQuant.

A versatile and configurable solution

Our dashboard was made to let you manage the access rights of your organisation's members, invite drivers, create groups to segment your community and configure the services and information accessible.

Improve customer loyalty

Driving challenges are a fun but pedagogical approach to road prevention. Create custom driving challenges to engage your community, send in-app personalized messages to users and reward the best of them for their progress.

Make your customers safer

We have implemented in-app coaching to make sure that your drivers understand the driving scores they got and know what they can do to improve their scores.

Safer and more sustainable mobility

Eco-driving has many benefits for you and your clients. Beyond reducing fuel consumption, we found a correlation between eco-driving and road safety. That means that by incentivizing your clients to eco-drive you make sure that they reduce their CO2 emissions while at the same time reduce their road risk. 

Know when their maintenance is due

Predict with accuracy when your customers will need to change their tires or their brake pads. Send them an alert and make sure they visit one of your partners for their maintenance.

Be there by their side anytime anywhere

Get notified when your customers crash! Your assistance operator can then call the driver to make sure he is fine or call emergency services if the collision is detected as severe.

A privacy-friendly use of data

The privacy of our users is our priority. Our smartphone telematics solution collects only the essential data to the proper use of your application.

Our platform contains many configurations to manage, according to your needs, the type of data collected, the retention period and the access rights of the users.