Dashboard & connected services

Monitor and engage your drivers

Manage your driving community with our web dashboard. Build customer loyalty by engaging drivers with innovative services.

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An intuitive tool to visualize your data

Launch a connected program based on our smartphone telematics technology. Discover your user driving habits with our dashboard. It is a simple and intuitive tool to visualise your drivers' data, assess the driving risk and launch road safety initiatives.

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Manage your custom dashboard

Custom dashboard

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Engage policyholders

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Crash detection

Make your customers safer

Coach drivers

Eco-driving to improve their road safety

Sustainable driving

Anticipate their needs

Connected maintenance

Illustration of the dashboard solution by DriveQuant.

A versatile and configurable solution

Our dashboard has been designed to give insurance companies control over their driving community. Insurers can manage on their own the access rights of their organisation's members, invite drivers, create groups to segment their community and configure the services and information accessible.

Improve customer loyalty

Driving challenges are an innovative approach approach to road prevention. It contributes to reducing distracted driving and promoting eco-friendly driving. Insurers can create custom driving challenges to engage their driving community, send in-app notifications to encourage policyholders and reward the best of them for their progress.

Be there when policyholders need you

With crash detection, insurers get an alert when a driver is involved in a car accident. Call emergency services or roadside assistance according to the severity of the collision.

Make policyholders safer on the road

We have implemented in-app coaching to ensure that drivers have the tools they need to improve their driving.

Safer and more sustainable mobility

Eco-driving has many benefits for insurers and policyholders. Beyond reducing fuel consumption, there is a proven link between eco-driving and road safety. This means that by incentivising drivers to practice eco-driving, insurers reduce the CO2 emissions of their fleets while at the same time reducing the road risk of their policyholders.

Know when their maintenance is due

Accurately predict when policyholders need to change their tyres or brake pads. Send them an alert and make sure they visit a selected partner.

A privacy friendly data policy

Ensuring data privacy is our top priority. Our smartphone telematics solution only gathers the necessary data essential for the proper utilization of the service.

Our mobile telematics platform includes many configurations to suit your needs. Define the type of data collected, the retention period and the access rights of users.

Make an informed decision

How is the dashboard presented?

Our dashboard is a user-friendly web interface that provides a comprehensive view of customer/user behavior indicators. It allows you to administer your users, send them messages, track their rankings, and create challenges.

Who has access to the dashboard?

Access to the dashboard is limited to the project manager and the administrators designated by the project manager themselves. The project manager can add administrators to the interface to grant them access.

Can administrator access rights be revoked?

Certainly! To remove administrator rights, simply navigate to the user's profile within the dashboard and disable their administrator privileges.

I want to launch driving challenges, how can I do this?

Our dashboard empowers you to independently set up, organize, manage, and conclude driving challenges. You have the freedom to choose the challenge theme, determine the number of trips and minimum distance requirements. Furthermore, you can create driver groups to target specific populations if desired.