Dashboard & connected services

Monitor and engage your drivers

Protect your drivers with our crash detection service and reduce road risk with innovative features.

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Manage your custom dashboard


driving gamification


Connected assistance


Make your customers safer


Eco-driving to improve their road safety

Promote sustainability

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A configurable solution

Our web Dashboard can be personalised to your needs. It gives you full control over the driving data of your community. Manage on your own the access rights, invite drivers and configure the services and information accessible.

Improve customer loyalty

Driving challenges are an innovative approach to road safety. They contribute to reducing distracted driving and promoting eco-friendly driving. Launch driving challenges on your own with our web Dashboard, send in-app notifications and reward your community. 

Provide connected assistance to drivers

With our crash detection service, get notified when a driver is involved in a car accident. Your operators can alert emergency services or send roadside assistance depending on the severity of the collision.

Promote a safer driving style

Our coaching service provides drivers with clear behavioral recommendations to improve their driving style. You can further personalise the coaching tips to suit your needs.

Promote a sustainable mobility

Eco-driving is a virtuous circle with many benefits for both insurers and policyholders. Environmental benefits include reduced fuel consumption and fewer CO2 emissions. From a road safety perspective, eco-driving gestures help to reduce crash rates as there is a correlation between eco-driving and safe driving. 

An intuitive tool to visualize your data

Launch a connected program based on our driving analysis platform. Measure your users driving habits. Visualise their progress with our web Dashboard.

Illustration of a dashboard DriveQuant.

A privacy friendly data policy

Ensuring data privacy is our top priority. Our smartphone telematics solution only collects the necessary data essential for the proper utilization of the service.

Our product includes various configurations to suit your needs. Define the type of data collected, the retention period and the access rights of users.

Make an informed decision

How is the dashboard presented?

Our Dashboard is a user-friendly web interface that provides a comprehensive view of your driving community. Manage your policyholders, send messages, track their rankings, and create challenges.

Who can access the dashboard?

Access to the Dashboard is granted to the project manager and the administrators designated by the project manager. The project manager can add administrators to the interface to grant them access.

Can administrator access rights be revoked?

Yes! To remove administrator rights, simply navigate to the user's profile in the dashboard, and disable their administrator privileges.

I want to launch driving challenges, how can I do this?

Our web Dashboard empowers you to independently launch, manage, and conclude driving challenges. You have the freedom to choose the challenge theme, determine the number of trips and the required minimum distance. Furthermore, you can create driver groups to target specific populations.