Manage road risk with our dashboard

A dashboard to support and engage your community of drivers.

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An intuitive tool to visualize your data

By subscribing to a DriveQuant offer, we give you access to our dashboard. A simple and intuitive tool to visualise your drivers' data, assess the driving risk and do prevention through personalized coaching.

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Driver monitoring

Driver monitoring





Illustration of the dashboard solution by DriveQuant.

A versatile and configurable solution

Manage the access rights of your organisation's members, invite drivers, create groups to segment your community and configure the services and information accessible.

Clear and structured data

Track the performance of a driver and groups of drivers with the comprehensive indicators available on the dashboard.

Comprehensive historical data

Access driving scores and track your drivers' progression with detailed historical data for risk assessment and prevention.

Targeted messages for greater impact

Send personalized coaching messages from the dashboard to a driver or driver segments directly in the mobile app to support their progress.

Tools to improve by having fun

Adopt a fun and pedagogical approach to driving prevention and create themed driving challenges to stimulate your community, to encourage progress and to reward improvements.

A privacy-friendly use of data

The privacy of our users is our priority. Our smartphone telematics solution collects only the essential data to the proper use of your application.

Our platform contains many configurations to manage, according to your needs, the type of data collected, the retention period and the access rights of the users.