Mobile SDK to embed telematics into your app

The DriveKit SDK has been designed to transform your mobile application into a driving behavior analysis solution in a few clicks.

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Why is DriveKit the best choice?

The DriveKit SDK turns any mobile app into a driving behavior analysis solution. It uses data from the phone's sensors (accelerometer, inertial unit, GPS) to measure users' driving styles.

DriveKit allows insures to objectively measure the road risk of their community thanks to three driving scores: the safety score, the distraction score and the eco-driving score.

DriveKit also gives you the tools to reduce road risk through innovative connected services such as driving challenges and driving coaching.

Our accident detection service alerts you if one of your drivers is involved in a road accident. Your operators can then proactively dispatch emergency or roadside assistance depending on the severity of the impact detected by our service.

DriveKit is unique in that all the graphical interfaces can be integrated into your mobile application as independent, combinable components.

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Sensor recording and analysis

Data collection and analysis

Open source UI components

Open source UI components

Automatic trip detection

Automatic trip detection

Driver coaching

Engage with drivers

Accident detection and vehicle services

Crash detection & connected assistance

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Connect your policyholders with smartphones

The DriveKit SDK collects and analyses the trips and the driving behavior by using the smartphone sensors.


It uses the GPS sensor sampled at 1 Hz for the analysis of vehicle dynamics and the energy consumption analysis. The motion sensors (accelerometer and gyrometer), sampled at 100Hz, are used for crash detection purposes.

Use our graphic libraries to save time

The DriveKit SDK is unique because it contains a free graphical library that insurers can use directly in their mobile application.


The objective is to provide you with the best driving indicators combined with clear, instructive visualizations in order to positively impact policyholder's driving behavior.

No driver intervention needed

The SDK runs in the background and automatically detects the start and the end of a trip, without any driver intervention. The solution is designed to avoid disturbing policyholders and ensure that they are only focusing on driving. 


The DriveKit SDK relies on the smartphone's sensors to collect and to analyse driving data. It can be combined with a beacon for accelerating vehicle identification in Pay-As-You-Drive programs.

Build customer loyalty

Once installed, the DriveKit SDK transforms the data collected by smartphone sensors into reliable driving scores and driving indicators.


The results of the analysis are displayed in maps and visualizations to highlight areas for driving improvement.


The SDK contains components such as driving challenges to engage car policyholders and make them safer on the road.

Protect your community

Beyond measuring and offering services to reduce road risk, DriveKit also helps to protect your drivers.

Thanks to our accident detection service, your assistance operators are alerted within seconds of a road accident. Your operators can then dispatch the emergency services in the event of a severe collision or send out breakdown services.

The driver also receives a notification asking him to confirm their state of health.

Our service also generates reports with driving data before, during and after the impact to help understand the conditions of the accident and improve its treatment.

Benefits of DriveKit

Battery optimisation

Low battery drain

The SDK runs in the background and only uses the GPS sensor when it detects a trip. Our automatic trip detection system is the most performant and power-efficient solution on the market.

Low data usage

Low data usage

The data exchange volume has been minimized to ensure that the SDK utilizes a minimal amount of the driver's mobile data.

Quick setup

Quick setup

Installing the DriveKit SDK is a straightforward process, facilitated by our publicly available documentation tailored to support developers. The integration can be completed in less than one day.

Compatibility and accuracy

Compatibility and accuracy

The DriveKit SDK is compatible with all iOS and Android devices and deployed on thousands of smartphones across the world. We conduct rigorous and scientific assessments of sensors and data quality to produce reliable driving indicators.

Offline detection

Work offline

The SDK works both online and offline. It synchronises the data with our servers even if the user changes smartphones or uses multiple devices.

BLE compliant

Combine with beacons

The DriveKit SDK uses the smartphone sensors but it can also be combined with beacons to accelerate vehicle identification.

Integrate our SDK into a mobile app

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Make an informed decision

What features are included in the SDK?

Our SDK DriveKit includes all of our driving behavior analysis services including trips details, scoring, driving summaries, driving challenges, automatic road crash detection, coaching, eco-driving, mileage tracking, fuel consumption estimation, estimation of tire/brake wear.

Can I activate only certain services?

Yes. You have the choice to include in your application only the services you need or want to offer to your customers/users.

How does the SDK help to improve road safety?

Our SDK DriveKit allows you to measure the driving behavior of your customers/users. For each trip made, we calculate a safety score and a distraction score. The app displays personalized driving tips based on driving style.

Do users have to manually trigger the driving analysis before each trip?

No. Your drivers do not have to do anything to benefit from our driving behavior analysis services. It runq in the background on their phone.

How is driving data collected?

Our driving behavior analysis service uses phone sensors (GPS, accelerometer, inertial unit and gyroscope) to measure more than 200 indicators including hard accelerations, harsh brakings, limits of adherence and even detect road crashes. 

What applications is the SDK compatible with?

Our DriveKit SDK is compatible with all mobile applications, on both iOS and Android platforms. We offer comprehensive documentation that provides detailed technical instructions, along with one demo app to facilitate a smooth onboarding process. Our SDK is also designed to integrate seamlessly with most cross-platform frameworks. Additionally, we provide specific gateways for React technology, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration.

How to integrate the SDK DriveKit?

To streamline the integration of our SDK into your application, we have developed highly comprehensive public documentation. This resource empowers you to seamlessly integrate the SDK within a single day's work. In the event that you encounter any challenges during the integration process, our team is readily available to provide assistance and support.

How can I consult the driving data of my customers/users?

We offer a dedicated dashboard where you can access all the driving data of your users, including their driving scores, rankings, and optionally, detailed trip information. For a more detailed overview of the dashboard's functionalities, we recommend visiting the dedicated page.
Alternatively, you have the option to retrieve the data directly on your backend through API or set up an automated push system to receive the data seamlessly.