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Who we are?

We are a multidisciplinary team of researchers, mobile and backend developers, physicists and data scientists aligned on a common objective : to understand driving behaviours to improve road safety and reduce the environmental impact of mobility.

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Our mission

DriveQuant takes its name from a vision and a goal: to describe and quantify (QUANT) mobility and driving (DRIVE) from smartphone sensors with an honest approach that relies on algorithms derived from physics, mathematics and statistics.


We process data with a sense of ethics and we do not sell it because we are convinced that it belongs only to the humans who produce it and that our mission is to give it back with greater value through connected and personalized insurance, prevention services, advice to reduce fuel consumption and assistance services in case of accidents.


Our passion is to act on reality by simply using our knowledge and algorithms that analyze the sensor data of the one and only object capable of measuring the complex and multimodal mobility of a human being: the smartphone.

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Our story









The Geco application


In 2014, the Geco mobile app was launched to encourage eco-driving. This unique app uses algorithms similar to those implemented for vehicle energy management. In this way, we prove that phone sensors, combined with physical algorithms, have the capacity to measure driving energy efficiency and coach drivers to reduce their environmental footprint. Our approach is validated and remains in place to this day.

The B2B project


From this technology base, Philippe Moulin, Olivier Grondin and Jérémy Bayle decided to extend this approach and build a platform of driving data analysis services for mobility companies. The service portfolio is extended to include road safety analysis for the connected insurance market.

The DriveQuant brand


Our first customers connect to our platform. We create the DriveQuant brand which translates our business and our ambition to quantify driving and transform complex data into simple, honest and actionable indicators. We become convinced that the smartphone is the perfect tool to collect massive amounts of driving data and to engage with drivers.

Creation of the company


The first projects are successful, the market is confirmed. On February 6, we founded DriveQuant, the first startup company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of IFPEN to improve the two main problems of mobility: road safety and environmental footprint. In an emerging market in France, we are becoming the pioneers of smartphone telematics.

Deployments in the insurance market


We are launching several insurance offers in France with APRIL Moto, Altima, MAIF. Our solution integrates iBeacon technology capable of identifying vehicles and our eco-driving and safety services are completed by an innovative solution to help drivers to reduce phone use while driving.

Release of the DriveKit SDK


We created the second generation of our SDK: DriveKit. This unique SDK enables players around the world to access telematics effortlessly. We launch an even more powerful version of our distraction analysis service that detects phone use while driving.  We are also deploying vehicle wear and tear analysis services.

Acceleration and alliance with FairConnect


The health crisis is not stopping us and we are upgrading our distraction analysis and mobility detection services. We are also developing a solution to identify car accidents based on the smartphone's inertial measurement unit. In October DriveQuant joined forces with FairConnect, the European leader in connected insurance, to accelerate its development and continue to innovate. DriveQuant has raised 5.4 M€ since its creation.

Stepping up our international development


Launch of a smartphone-only crash detection solution. Thanks to the partnership with FairConnect and the success of our commercial activity, we are significantly accelerating our international development. At the end of the year, our solutions were deployed in 25 countries on 4 continents. We are celebrating our 40th customer since the creation of the company. We are strengthening our teams to improve the measurement and prevention of accident risk for the insurance industry.

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Our culture



We are specialists in energy, automatic control, data science, mobile and cloud applications development. We solve complex problems with approaches that combine all these disciplines. Our energy analysis and driving safety algorithms have been patented. We are passionate about using the right algorithms to create knowledge and improve the lives of our users.



We are passionate about understanding motion and the phenomena described by complex signals. Our role is to provide technology that processes signals from smartphones into simple, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use indicators for our customers, for the developers who integrate our data, and most importantly for the drivers who use connected services.



We do not use data for marketing purposes and we do not sell it. GDPR issues are at the heart of our technology and platform. We increase the value of data to give it back to whom it belongs: Drivers.



Our services have been designed to deliver a universal, impartial and pedagogical analysis. We know how to isolate the influence of the driver's behavior from environmental factors that are beyond his control. Our approach consists in calculating a reference to indicate which behavior to adopt to improve driving efficiency and safety.



Our solution is not a black box that delivers subjective indicators. There is sincerity in the data and our job is to capture it. We are committed to the explicability of the phenomena we observe and we do not hide our technical choices or the algorithms we use. We believe that the success of smartphone telematics is only possible with a transparent and educational approach to our customers and end users.



We work with our customers in a collaborative spirit to guide them to success. Our satisfaction comes from the success of projects that integrate our technology, find a market and impact the daily lives of drivers.