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About DriveQuant

DriveQuant is an automotive and research company that develops driving data analysis services based on physical models and mathematical optimisation tools to measure fuel consumption, the environmental impact of driving, driving safety, and tyre and brake wear. These services are designed for actors in the automotive and mobility industry such as: insurers, fleet managers, distribution and maintenance networks, manufacturers, rental companies and mobility service providers.

Our mission

DriveQuant's main mission is to collect, analyse and unlock the potential of data from connected vehicles and drivers in order to make it easier to leverage. This mission is essential to desining and creating new services to both engage with drivers and ensure their ongoing engagement. By transforming their car into an intelligent vehicle via their smartphone or any other connected device, drivers are able to analyse and improve their driving.

Our history

DriveQuant was founded in February 2017, after several years of research and development at IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), a French institutional player in research and training in the energy, transport and environmental sectors. DriveQuant is now its subsidiary, and therefore benefits from its R&D support to provide the best driving analysis services.

Our founding principles



We are specialists in energy, automation, embedded software and mobile application development. We take a different approach by developing services that integrate all of our expertise in vehicle dynamics and thermal, hybrid and electric engines. This is why our energy analysis and safety algorithms have been patented.



We are an agile team of dedicated people who appreciate a challenge and are thrilled when it comes to solving complex problems. We like to understand the data, extract useful information from it and share it with drivers.


Our services have been designed to deliver universal, impartial and educational analytics. We know how to isolate the influence of driver behaviour from the environmental factors which they can't do anything about. Our approach is to calculate a benchmark in order to indicate how to behave so that driving efficiency and safety can be improved.


Our platform is operational and robust. It has already analysed several million kilometers of driving data collected from mobile phones and telematics boxes. It is scalable and offers the possibility to manage activities for your community of drivers.

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