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Driving scores and behaviour analysis

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Connected services to engage users

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Reliable and efficient technology for launching mobility programs

  • 100% smartphone
  • Use our DriveKit SDK or our white-label app
  • Up to date documentation
  • Backed by science

Smartphone telematics simplifies the deployment of connected mobility solutions.


Mobility players can personalise our white-label application or they can directly integrate the DriveKit SDK into their app without compatibility and maintenance issues.

Minimize your costs and improve users' safety

  • Vehicle monitoring and maintenance
  • Eco-driving and fuel consumption
  • Estimation of reductions in CO2 emissions
  • Safe driving and distracted driving

Smartphones are equipped with powerful and accurate sensors (GPS, inertial measurement unit). Our solution collects data from these sensors to turn them into driving scores and driving indicators.

We combine signal processing, physical laws and data science to reveal users mobility patterns and habits and promote eco-friendly mobility. 

Driving indicators are used to incentivize users, implement road safety initiatives and support sustainable mobility programs.

Build a stronger customer loyalty with our innovative services

  • Personalized exchanges
  • Reward programs
  • Real-time assistance
  • Vehicle monitoring and maintenance

Our smartphone telematics solution gives mobility players a way to engage their customers.

Mobility companies can promote eco-friendly driving to their user base to reduce their reliance on automotive mobility and therefore the environmental footprint of their mobility. 


Mobility players can use our telematics platform to push marketing offers to their users at the right time in order to bring business opportunities to their partners.


More importantly, mobility companies can protect their users by launching innovative road safety actions, while keeping people engaged, motivated and loyal.

This is the opportunity to transform your customers into prosumers. Thanks to driving data sharing, their loyalty can easily be rewarded.

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How are mobility players using our solution to promote eco-driving?

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