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We use the smartphone to analyze driving and coach drivers to help them reduce road risk and energy consumption.
DriveQuant Autours du conducteur Sécurité


We have developed a simple and universal solution to measure driving safety, taking into account the type of vehicle and driving conditions. We identify the good and least careful drivers in order to explain road risk in a didactic and encouraging way.

DriveQuant Événement de conduite

Driving events

Our services measure events that reveal driving style: heavy braking and acceleration with adaptable severity thresholds, as well as an indicator that reflects the level of adherence between the tire and the road.

DriveQuant Liaison au sol

Ground adherence

We assess driving safety using variables representative of the vehicle's ground connection. To do this, we estimate the adherence between the tyre and the road throughout the journey based on a dynamic model of the vehicle, its main physical characteristics and driving conditions.
DriveQuant Score de sécurité

Safety score

Our safety score changes according to the number of events detected on the journey that are generated by driving and the external conditions on which the driver cannot act (weather, road context, traffic). The score allows drivers to be compared on a standardized basis. If this score is not adapted to your use case, we also deliver all the ingredients that compose it to build your own measurement or to adapt to your existing referential.

DriveQuant Restitution cartographique

Map view

To help drivers understand the influence of their behaviour on the road, our services display safety events on a map: harsh brakings, strong accelerations and positions where a road adherence threshold has been crossed.

DriveQuant Contextualisation


In addition to the scores, our services evaluate the contextual components of the journey: weather conditions, night driving, time, environment (urban, mixed, motorway), road sinuosity, relief. This information complements and modulates the driver's scores.

DriveQuant Personnalisation du scoring

Custom scoring

You can build a risk measure that corresponds to your standards because we offer the possibility to configure the detection thresholds, and the weights of each type of event or assessments that depend on the road context.

DriveQuant Éco-conduite


We have developed a driving energy efficiency measure to help drivers reduce their fuel consumption without increasing their travel time.

DriveQuant Mesure de l'efficacité

Driving efficiency improvement

Eco-driving is an efficient and dynamic driving style. The efficiency score is representative of the difference between the energy consumed and the minimum energy achievable on the journey. It allows you to compare the driver with the ideal driving style. It is primarily used to compare drivers in a fair and impartial way.
DriveQuant Conseils aux conducteurs

Driver advice

Our approach is to compare the vehicle's travel speed with the perfect speed profile to highlight similarities or differences. Thus, by comparison, we construct indicators that assess behaviour and indicate how to approach ideal driving in the key phases: acceleration, braking and speed.
DriveQuant Objectivité


Our assessment of driving is objective and fair because it is based on universal physical laws and takes into account the conditions encountered by the driver during his journey. We are convinced that it is essential to assess drivers fairly in order to provide pedagogical advice and to encourage them to improve their driving.
DriveQuant Coaching & gamification

Coach, engage and retain your drivers

Our solutions allow you to interact with drivers through mobile applications and personalize exchanges and content according to your objectives.

DriveQuant Motivation et engagement

Motivation and engagement

Interactivity with drivers is an essential component to maximize engagement and motivate the adoption of good behaviours. Our interaction services deliver push notifications, personalized follow-up messages at the end of trips and reports (weekly, monthly or kilometric).

DriveQuant Suivi de la progression

Monitoring of objectives

Personalized monitoring of drivers makes it possible to understand their driving and set achievable objectives while providing the right advice for progress.

DriveQuant Gestion des contenus

Multi-thematic coaching platform

You can integrate your content into the messages that are shared with drivers, or integrate your own content or that edited by driving instructors, or by trainers with expertise in eco-driving or prevention.

DriveQuant Gamification


We have developed a kit that includes fun mechanisms to create a link between your drivers. Gamification helps to create engagement within or between groups of drivers.
You can organize and administer cross-thematic driving challenges to motivate drivers and reward good behaviours. Our features kit also includes badge and driver certificate allocation services, and allows you to create challenges between drivers.

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