Fleet management

Integrate our driving analysis services to reduce costs related to your employees' driving behaviour and improve their safety.

Reduce your operating costs by influencing your employees' driving behaviour

40% of the cost of your fleet depends on the driving behaviour of your employees
TCO Breakdown - Driver behaviour

Measure the effect of your drivers' behaviour on the cost of your fleet

Connect to our platform and track in real time the costs related to the driving behaviour of the drivers in your fleet:

> Fuel consumption

> Maintenance (tires, brake pads, battery...)

> Claims experience

> Administrative and paperwork.

Driver behaviour impact on TCO
Driver advice and coaching

Support your employees in improving their driving behaviour

Provide contextualized advice based on the analysis of your employees' journeys using coaching mechanisms:

> Push notifications and in-app messages

> Personalized follow-up

> Weekly, monthly and mileage reports.

Save up to 1600€ / year /vehicle.
Self-finance your solution thanks to the savings made.

Improve your employees' driving safety by encouraging them to drive more safely

Our services allow you to act directly on the main causes of road accidents, the leading cause of death at work:

Behaviour at the wheel (acceleration and braking events, loss of adherence...)
Driving context (weather conditions, night driving, traffic...)
Driver distraction (using the phone while driving).
Trip detail
Reduce by half the number of accidents in your fleet (source: PRSE).
Self-finance your solution thanks to the savings made.

Engage and motivate your teams by organizing driving challenges

Take advantage of driving challenges creation service:

Help your drivers improve their driving through an individual or team competition
Unite your teams around common objectives
Motivate your employees through prizes proportional to the company's earnings
Save on the cost of your fleet.
Results observed during the first week of the voluntary challenge:
90% participation rate.
Reduction of risky driving events from 50 to 60% (acceleration, braking and loss of adherence events).
Further 10% reduction in fuel consumption.

Focus on the essentials by automating time-consuming tasks

Save time with our connectivity solution:

Automate your fleet management with vehicle feedback information (mileage, operating hours, etc.)
Allow your employees to easily complete their obligations (such as declaration of pro/personal trips)
Always have complete visibility into the use of your shared service vehicles (who, when, what vehicle, where...)
Improve the quality of your service (response to an urgent request, assistance to a driver or activity monitoring) by locating your vehicles.
Gain 20% in efficiency by using connected data from your vehicles.
Self-finance your solution thanks to the savings made.

Benefit from our connected services whatever the connectivity of your vehicles

Our solution is universal

All our solutions and services are 100% compatible and adaptable with your data collection system: connected vehicle, telematic box or smartphone.

Indeed, our expertise in smartphone telematics allows us to transform any car into an intelligent vehicle thanks to the driver's smartphone.

Solution universelle

Choose the connected services that bring the most value to your business

Connected Services - Fleet management

Discover how our partners have already integrated our fleet management solutions

SNCF Réseau organises its GREEN CUP to improve road safety

Fleet management

Find out how SNCF Réseau has deployed the LÉA by DriveQuant telematics solution within its fleet to promote road safety awareness and eco-driving.

Air Products: using gamification to enhance road safety and eco-driving

Fleet management

Discover how Air Products uses DriveQuant’s connected gamification services to improve the driving behaviour of its sales teams via a mobile app.

Simply deploy a telematics solution to improve your fleet management

Take advantage of our integration flexibility and enjoy the services that have the most value for your business

DriveScore API

DriveScore API

Enhance your telematics solution and give more value to your data.

DriveKit SDK

DriveKit SDK

Turn your mobile application into a mobility sensor and bring more functionality to your customers.



Quickly launch your mobile telematics white label application.

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