Powerful and scalable platform

Telematic solutions and your market’s needs change quickly

Our platform simplifies data management and guarantees continuity of service

Device-agnostic platform

Solution compatible with smartphones, OBD dongles or connected vehicles.

Integrated raw data processing: standardization, diagnosis and data cleansing.

The solution works seamlessly with a variety of telematic solutions and adapts to changing technologies.

Enrich and make sense from the data

Scientific algorithms designed by experts to measure vehicle consumption, driving efficiency and safety.

Contextualization services to provide fair evaluations and understandable indicators.

The accuracy of the results is optimized based on the input data available.

From analytics to drivers support

The driving style analysis (for individual and groups) integrate statistical and historical dimensions.

Our segmentation engines are based on rigorous indicators and are configurable.

We use rules engines to interact with drivers and run challenges or events.

Data delivery & driver feedback

Driving indicators are available in user-friendly dashboards, websites and mobile applications.

Services for interacting with drivers: push notifications, personalized monitoring.

Mechanisms to motivate drivers and reward good conduct: serious games, challenges.