A platform to leverage your driving data

Our platform processes your driving data so that it is easier to understand, more valuable and simpler to use.

A universal solution

All of our solutions and services are 100% compatible and adaptable to your data collection system, whether it's a connected vehicle, OBD systems or smartphone.

Thanks to an entirely physics-based approach, our solutions can be adapted to all data types. Whether there is a great deal of data (connected vehicle) or only a small amount (smartphone), we know how to convert this data into valuable indicators.

DriveQuant Une solution universelle
DriveQuant Traitement des données

Data processing

We process a variety of data types, assess their quality, and detect and correct anomalies in order to guarantee uniform scoring even if you have mixed telematics solution or if it changes over time.

By taking advantage of as much raw data as possible, we can assemble hundreds of specific indicators: energy consumption, eco-driving, safety, pollutant emissions, tyre and brake wear.

These indicators do not use the vehicle's diagnostic codes, rather they are established through efforts to qualify the impact of driver behaviour upon all of the vehicle's components.

Data enrichment

Driving indicators and scores are contextualised according to road and weather conditions, vehicle type, journey category and driver profile.

DriveQuant Enrichissement des données

Driving scores

Our scores are not established using your data, rather they are based upon physical laws which naturally explain the influence of driving upon the vehicle dynamics.

Only the characteristics of the vehicle (mass, engine, dimensions, gearbox type) are used to calculate scores.

These scores do not require latitude and longitude to be known. - This is required only for contextualisation data.

GDPR compliance

The platform allows for user access management and protection of user data.

Our mobile apps allow drivers to manage their data: removal of journeys, management of working hours and personal journeys.

The amount of time for which source data and scores are stored can be configured and managed by our customers.

DriveQuant Respect du RGPD
DriveQuant Sécurité


Our servers are located in France and are fully secured. Our hosting company is OVH.

We do not use customer data when dealing with third parties.

Our authentification services are in direct contact with your own in order to manage user access.


Our services integrate the statistical and historical aspects of indicators describing driver behaviour and vehicle wear.

Our solutions are adapted to your use case, whether it's monitoring groups of drivers or analysing fleet performance.

Our segmentation engines are based upon robust indicators and are configurable.

DriveQuant Statistiques
DriveQuant Restitution des données

Data retrieval

Driving indicators are shared with all parties: drivers, managers and analysts.

These driving indicators can be easily integrated into reporting tools, websites and mobile apps.

We establish rules engines to interact with drivers or alert managers of the state of their vehicles. 

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