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DriveScore API

DriveScore API

Enhance your telematics solution and add more value to your data

Driving indicators

Using your telematics data, our APIs deliver indicators which are essential to understanding your driving data. Over 150 variables are returned to you and organised by topic: energy consumption, eco-driving, safety, pollutant emission, component wear (tyres and brakes). We provide indicators on both driver behaviour and the vehicle itself.


In addition to driving indicators, our APIs contain data providing essential context to journeys: weather, traffic, speed limits, and mapping data.


Our journey analysis API is compatible with the main telematics solutions on the market as well as the majority of iOS and Android smartphones. It adapts to your data collection system and allows for uniform processing if you are using a variety of equipment.

DriveKit SDK

DriveKit SDK

Transform your mobile app into a mobility sensor and provide your customers with greater functionality

Vehicle mobility sensor

Our SDKs instantly transform your application into a mobility sensor which can track vehicle movement. They integrate all of the mechanisms necessary to construct a highly effective, 100% smartphone compatible telematics solution:

- automatic background start-up and shutdown of the application,

- data collection and analysis,

- optimisation of battery consumption,

- phone and data quality diagnostics,

- compatible with the majority of smartphones, as well as iOS and Android versions.

Capteur de mobilité des véhicules
Collecte des données et vie privée

Data collection and privacy

Thanks to our SDK, you can effortlessly access hundreds of datasets describing the journey, driver behaviour and vehicle use. In addition to the analysed data, we can also send you the source data. All of this information is shared with complete transparency and is properly configured to protect the privacy of users.

Vehicle identification

Our SDKs are compatible with connected devices and we use beacons to identify vehicles. The beacon is a small, low-cost Bluetooth emitter which improves the ability to collect journey data and identify the vehicle. This solution has been adapted for the management and analysis of vehicles shared by multiple drivers.

Identification des véhicules


You don't have a mobile app yet? We can help you start testing or building one

A 100% mobile telematics solution

Reduce your development costs and quickly deploy a 100% mobile telematics solution in keeping with your brand. Benefit from all of our driving analytics and driver support services packaged into a mobile app for iOS and Android.


Setup and customisation
of your app

The app features a poweful configuration system which allows you to create an app matching the needs of your target market:

- the function configuration tool allows you to choose from services in accordance with your needs and keep developing the app after launch

- the design configuration tool allows you to integrate your corporate identity charter and your specific content while maintaining the tone and image of your brand.

Driving behaviour analysis

The application measures, analyses and transparently establishes driving behaviour scores. The user can visualise their journeys in detail on a map, track their progress and obtain overviews of their driver profile. The app allows the user to manage the analysis ranges, and provides all the settings necessary to maintain control over the information they share in order to protect their privacy.

Engagement and assistance

Reconnect with your community of drivers thanks to communication, coaching and gamification features. The application allows you to send messages to your users, set preventive messages and provide advice. In order to motivate your drivers you can create driving challenges in several categories (eco-driving, safety, vehicle respect and good driving).

Useful services for drivers 

The mobile app contains a range of features which are useful to drivers. These functions allow for the tracking of fuel consumption, management of mileage expenses, and provide a service manual for the vehicle. In order to protect the driver, we have also developed services to: share their position, detect incidents or accidents, and an emergency call feature.

Useful services

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