Shared mobility

Improve your service and track the overall mobility of your users with our universal and connected solutions.

Monitor and optimize your service with your users' mobility data

We are turning the smartphone into a mobility sensor

Regardless of the means of transport used, the smartphone never leaves the user. It makes it possible to measure mobility habits but also to monitor the behaviour of drivers and passengers in order to anticipate their needs.

We offer a smartphone telematics solution that is unique on the market and can be used alone or in addition to existing connected devices (boxes, OBD dongles, embedded systems).

Smartphone as a mobility sensor
Optimize your offer by tracking and understanding the use of your service during trips.
Observe the mobility of your users to adapt your offer to their needs.
Reduce your insurance, maintenance and fuel costs by influencing driver behaviour.

Reassure vehicles owners and passengers by measuring driver behaviour

We allow you to complete opinions on a driver by including objective information on the quality of his driving:

Behaviour at the wheel (acceleration and braking events, loss of adherence...)
Driving context (weather conditions, night driving, traffic...)
Driver distraction (using the phone while driving).
Trip detail

Attract and retain your users by offering them connected services with high added value

Take advantage of our wide range of connected and useful services for drivers:

Support drivers to improve their driving behaviour with our coaching services
Motivate, engage and retain your user community with our individual or group driving challenges
Offer your policyholders the opportunity to reduce their budget (fuel, insurance and maintenance)
Save on the cost of your fleet.
Offer services to build loyalty

Discover our full range of connected services

Connected services - Share mobility

Reduce the environmental impact of your users' mobility

We enable drivers to measure and act on the polluting emissions from their driving:

> Estimation of CO2 emissions to allow you to offset them through your projects

> Pollutant assessment (CO, NOx and particulate matter)

> Contextualized advice to encourage your users to adopt virtuous behaviour and reduce their emissions.

CO2 emissions - Coaching

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Take advantage of our integration flexibility and enjoy the services that have the most value for your business

DriveScore API

DriveScore API

Enhance your telematics solution and give more value to your data.

DriveKit SDK

DriveKit SDK

Turn your mobile application into a mobility sensor and bring more functionality to your customers.



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