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We use data from the smartphone or connected vehicle to measure the impact of driving behaviour on its consumption and wear.
DriveQuant Analyse énergétique

Energy analysis

We measure the energy expenditure of thermal and electric vehicles taking into account the road conditions, the driving style and the characteristics of the vehicle.

DriveQuant Caractéristiques du trajet

Journey characteristics

Our analysis services deliver more than 50 contextualized indicators on journeys: time, date, weather conditions, distance traveled, time spent at rest, average speed, geo-coding of start and end addresses, characteristics of the vehicle, type of roads.
DriveQuant Mesure de la consommation

Measurement of consumption

To measure consumption, our algorithms use a reverse approach that consists in reconstructing the energy required for traction from the measured speed and the characteristics of the vehicle. Our algorithm estimates fuel volume (liters), fuel consumption (liters / 100 km), mass and CO2 emissions (g / km).

DriveQuant Impact des conditions

Impact of journey conditions

To improve driving, we break down the contributions of engine operating conditions (cold or idle, over- or under-revs), driver behaviour and course topography to fuel consumption.
DriveQuant Contexte routier et cartographique

Driving environment and mapping

We use geolocation information to create clear map restitutions: a measure of the instantaneous evolution of consumption along the way, decomposition of consumption according to the type of road infrastructure and traffic conditions.
DriveQuant Enrichissement cartographique

Enhanced mapping

Consumption is estimated at any point (every second) and can be projected on the road network to build map restitutions areas where the energy expenditure is nominal or too high.
DriveQuant Comparaison de trajets

Journey comparison

Recognising daily travel patterns allows for monitoring of variations in energy consumption to inform drivers of their progress.
DriveQuant Statistiques & historique

Statistics and history

To help you track a vehicle or monitor your fleet, we provide statistical analysis and history of energy expenditure.
DriveQuant Usure des véhicules

Predictive maintenance

The level of wear of the tires and brakes of the vehicle is estimated continuously. For each journey, we measure the mass fraction used thanks to an estimate of the power dissipated at the tyre / road or pad / disc brake contact.

DriveQuant Usage vs ratio

Diagnosis of wear factors

Unlike a mileage approach where wear is proportional to the distance traveled, the algorithm we developed takes into account the key factors responsible for tyre and brake wear: the characteristics of the vehicle and components analyzed, the typology of the journey (turn and slope), and especially the behaviour of the driver.
DriveQuant Conseils aux conducteurs

Driver advice

Our service allows you to position a driver against a reference and to compare the drivers between them. This type of information is essential to warn and advise drivers who tend to damage the brakes and tyres more than average.
DriveQuant Un service universel

A universal service

The wear analysis service is universal and compatible with all data collection devices: smartphones, telematic boxes and natively connected vehicles.

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