Reduce the CO2 emissions of your drivers

Our eco-driving service makes your drivers safer on the roads while reducing the environmental impact of their mobility.   

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C02 mass without eco-driving

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Our study on eco-driving opportunities in car insurance

Our paper is divided into three chapters:


  • What is eco-driving and how to adopt a sustainable driving behaviour?

  • What CO2 reductions can be expected from eco-driving coaching?

  • Why and how should insurers support the transition to sustainable driving?

The benefits

Easy deployment

Quick deployment

Integrate the DriveKit SDK into your mobile application or personalize our white label application to start promoting eco-driving practices among your drivers.

Risk assessment profiling

Improved road safety

Safest drivers are drivers that tend to engage in eco-friendly driving. Promoting eco-driving among your customers makes them safer on the road!

Easy access to data

Data visualisation

Our dashboard let you monitor the driving behaviour of your drivers. Follow their progress, and send them in-app notifications directly from our dashboard.


New forms of engagement

Engage your drivers in eco-friendly driving by launching driving challenges.

Useful for drivers

Enhanced customer loyalty

Beyond eco-friendly driving, you can offer your clients innovative connected services such as crash detection and connected assistance.


Privacy & GDPR compliance

We respect your data and those of your drivers. Our service is configured to set up the type and duration of data retention.